The Designer's Guide to the Apparel Industry.

Start your own clothing company and become the next Mark Ecko, Obey, or Johnny Cupcakes! Learn how to dominate the graphic tee business and become the next legendary t-shirt designer. Live the dream!

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"The essential strategy guide for
dominating the t-shirt design business"

Jeffery Kalmikoff, Former CCO of

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  • PDF EBOOK (115 beautiful pages)
  • Stock vectors & textures
  • T-shirt mockup templates
  • Photoshop actions & brushes
Buy eBook Bundle • $49.95

How to Start and Grow your Own Clothing Company

Ever wanted to start your own clothing brand? Or even just sell your OWN merchandise with YOUR designs on them? This book makes it easy.

Learn Design Techniques and Freelance Strategies

What makes a good design? How do I design a t-shirt for big bands like Metallica? What if I can't draw? Thread's Not Dead has the answers.

How to Build a Massive Following Using Social Media

Learn the secrets to creating a rabid fanbase that camps out at your retail store to buy your latest merch. Yes, you can make that happen!

Case Studies and Interviews with the Best of the Best

Don't just take my advice, learn from some of the biggest names in the t-shirt business. Why make the same mistakes they did when you don't have to?

What if the most prolific and influential people in the modern t-shirt design scene got together and discussed everything they wish they knew when they started?

That's exactly what we have here.

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Hardcover Book Review

eBook Review on iPad

Buy eBook Bundle • $49.95

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If I buy the hardcover, do I still get the bonus files included with the digital bundle?

No, unfortunately. The hardcover is sold via third parties like Amazon and we cannot distribute digital files with them. You must choose between the hardcover edition or the digital edition which includes an audiobook and some other goodies.

Does the book go into the business side of running a clothing company?

Yes, that's mostly what this book is. It's about business, strategy, self-promotion, marketing, and building a fan base. You'll find all that and more in Thread's Not Dead.

Can I view the eBook on my iPad?

Since Safari on iPad cannot download ZIP files, you will need to download the files to a PC or MAC. Then unzip the contents and add your PDF or ePUB files to iTunes and sync your iPad. It will transfer the book to your iPad for viewing.

Does the book cover the printing aspects?

Yes there's an entire chapter on printing techniques and inspiration. It runs through the common practices and prepping files for print and communicating with your printer.

"The best resource for starting up a t-shirt brand."


"Thanks so much for this book! I got it today and it's so hard to put down! This has got to be the best purchase I have ever made!"

Aleksandr Poltavskiy,

"Anyone who is interested in starting their own clothing/t-shirt brand needs to get this book. It will certainly set you upon the right path!"

Shane Miller

"The Holy Bible of T-Shirt Design"

Patrick Moerland

"It is the BEST purchase a starting company (like myself) could possibly make. My only regret is not having it sooner!"


"The content in this book is unmatched for people looking to break into the apparel industry."

Mackenzie Child

"I consider this book to be my Bible. It goes in depth on every topic from the artist's aspiration to actually running your business."


"One of the best reads for any aspiring graphic designer/artist. Full of useful tricks and tidbits this book is a must! I can't put it down."

Sammantha Lindgren

"Thread's Not Dead is now the de facto authority on how to start your own apparel business. It's inspiring and provides a mentorship that makes this book worth more than its asking price."

Fausto Garcia

written by


Jeff Finley, Author of  Thread's Not Dead

Jeff is an artist, designer, and entrepreneur from Austin, TX. He was a partner at Go Media for 9 years and the founder of WMC Fest.

He's been designing since 2004 and started out working with bands such as Gym Class Heroes, Mastodon, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, and even Britney Spears. He has worked with dozens of indie apparel brands like Declaration, Disciple, Cure Apparel, Paint the Stars and more.

In 2009 he started Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, a design conference and music festival in Cleveland.

Links:, @jeff_finley, Dribbble, and Pinterest

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"The perfect combination of practical advice, helpful resources and inspiration. Worth every penny!"

Roderick J. Johnsong, TND Reader

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